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Work at Home – Customer Care Support Needed in Canada


Work at Home – Customer Care Support Needed in Canada

Job Description
Sutherland is hiring Customer Service Advisors to join our Work-at-Home Team!!

Some people know exactly how to make others feel special. They pay attention, listen carefully, and remember important details. These people have an eye for beauty – in others, in moments, in life. Maybe they have a calming presence or a no-nonsense manner or a peaceful approach or maybe they’re just great at keeping cool in a difficult situation. No matter what their unique perspective is, they’re the type of person you turn to when you have a question, need advice, or want guidance on the path forward. We’re looking for these special people to help us support an award-winning client.


  • Have a passion for others. You are invested in delivering outstanding customer service in each and every interaction.
  • Multi-task with the best of them. You think nothing of juggling multiple conversations, tasks, or priorities.
  • Own the story. Once you start something, you’re not satisfied until you’ve seen it through to completion. It’s important to you to be able to sign your name to everything you do.
  • Fearlessly jump right in. Nothing intimidates you; no one gets under your skin. You have a knack for keeping your head when those around you back down.
  • Give you the chance to work from the comfort of your own home. No commute, no business professional wardrobe, no terrible office coffee. Your home and all its perks.
  • Are the springboard to a great career. There are so many amazing opportunities at Sutherland.
We want people who can create the extraordinary people who are passionate about inspiring the types of experiences that others never forget. Can you touch hearts and brighten days? Do you have what it takes to build loyalty and turn customers into fans for life? Are you ready to join one of the worlds most powerful brands and share your passion, creativity, and dedication?
Dont miss this opportunity to work from home with Sutherland.
The world is waiting. Leave your mark.


Our most successful candidates have:
  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Basic PC keyboarding skills; Microsoft Office
    experience (Outlook, Word, Excel)
  • Direct client contacts technical support experience
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong problem-diagnosis and problem-solving skills
  • Multi-tasking skills, showcased using several
  • Experience working with CRM applications (preferred)
  • Ability to be goals oriented
  • Strong communication skills and ability to express
    ideas clearly
  • To work from home you must: 2.0 Ghz Dual Core or better
    processor,2 GB RAM (some employment opportunities require a minimum of 4
    GB RAM),10 GB available hard drive space,Sound card,Windows 7, including
    Windows 8 and 8.1, Internet speeds of 1 Mbps upload and 15 Mbps download,
    Dual ear (designed to minimize audio interference from outside sources).
    Noise cancelling microphone

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