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Instructor wanted for online French teaching jobs


Instructor wanted for online French teaching jobs

$ 5-15 per hour

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I’m interested in learning French. I currently have a job in a bilingual city, so in order to move up, my boss requires me I can communicate in French. I don’t necessarily have to be fluent in French but just enough to communicate with patrons and clients.
Online lessons
Flexible schedule


Adjust a teaching plan to meet student’s expectations. Use engaging learning methods to challenge the abilities and skills of the student. Ensure friendly and interactive instruction that encourages the student to learn with passion.


Be attentive to the student’s improvement in learning French language. Must have knowledge of up-to-date tutoring practices and methodologies. Develop a sense of intellectual curiosity in the student’s mind.

We offer

  • Work according to your own flexible schedule.
  • Experience of teaching students from all over the world.
  • Friendly and creative international team.
  • Salary based on your working hours.
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